Exciting news out of Vegas Con this weekend. The STO dev panel announced the new expansion: Delta Rising. Due out in October, this expansion will bring some new and interesting changes to STO. While details are still scant (40 dev blogs over the next 3 months will clarify things more), here are some things you can look forward to:
  1. Level cap increase to level 60 - the level cap will be moved up and level 60 will see you become a Fleet Admiral (as Star Trek follows the US naval ranks; most other countries would call it "Admiral of the Fleet")
  2. All new tier of ships - There will be a new tier of ships - Tier 6 (T6) - with new powers and abilities; T5 ships will be competitive still and usable but won't get access to the new powers or abilities
  3. A new class of ship - A new class of ship (no word on what the class will be) will be joining cruisers, escorts, science vessels, and carriers in Delta Rising
  4. Updates to bridges/ships - some older ships will get some love like the Intrepid and its bridge
  5. New Delta Quadrant species and homeworlds will be present for exploration and questing
  6. A new storyline - A whole new set of story missions to take you from 50 to 60 will be put in piecemeal from October through the STO anniversary in February 2015
  7. New grades of gear - Mk XIII and XIV items will become available in game
  8. More guest stars - Garret Wang and Tim Russ will guest star as Tuvok and Captain Harry Kim; more Voyager guest stars will be involved but have not been announced
  9. Bridge officers - A new class of bridge officer will be introduced
This is just a taste of what is to come. We'll keep you posted as more info becomes available.