Delta Rising Update 2

S'tarek posted Sep 12, 14

As part of our commitment to keeping you up to date on everything STO, we have compiled another update on what we know about the new expansion, Delta Rising:

1. More Details on Ship Upgrades and Tier 6 Ships - T6 ships will not have an additional specialist seat. Instead, the specialist seat will be a hybrid version of a current seat. In the end, the three differences between T6 and T5-U (upgraded T5 ships) are: 1. an extra Bridge Officer power (e.g. a lieutenant commander slot instead of a lieutenant slot); 2. the ability to slot Intelligence specialists (see #2 below); 3. Rank 5 starship mastery and the ship trait that comes with it.

2. Intelligence Bridge Officers - A new specialization of bridge officer will be coming out, the intelligence bridge officer. Intelligence is a specialization so bridge officers will also have a normal profession (sci/tac/engi). If slotted on a ship without hybrid slots, they will only be able to use their profession skills, but will be able to use intelligence skills on the ground. These officers have access to both intelligence and profession skill trees (e.g. a boff that can use both tac and intelligence abilities)

3. Intelligence Ships - This is the new class of ships. They all come equipped with cloaking devices. They are faster and more maneuverable than current ships but get lower health to compensate. They also have access to a new active scan feature that puts a stacking debuff on enemies. When the stacks get high enough, the ships can use one of three exploit attacks to increase damage to the enemy, decrease the damage the enemy does, or CC the enemy.

4. Grappling Guns - Captains will be given grappling guns to rappel, climb, and zipline their way around the Delta Quadrant

5. New Galaxy Map - A new galaxy map will be coming out with the expansion as will the new Delta Quadrant sector blocks

6. New Reputation Grind - The Delta Alliance reputation system will go live. Delta Marks and Ancient Power Cells can be gotten through the new queues (see #7 below)

7. New PvE Queues - New PvE queues are coming. As of now the only one is Borg Disconnected

8. New PvE Queue System - There will now be 3 difficulties: Normal (captains levels 51-60 reduced to level 50), Advanced (captains levels 51-60 boosted to level 60), and Elite (level 60 only)

9. New Persistent Ground Adventure Zone - The new Kobali Adventure Zone will be active for captains level 54 and above. Similar to New Romulus there will be events to participate in on the ground as well as a story line to complete

10. New Missions - A whole new set of missions are coming to STO. Only a few are live at the moment on Tribble. In Delta Rising, you'll mind meld with Tuvok, help Neelix and the Talaxians find a new home, engage in combat with some of the more hostile species in the quadrant, and much more

11. Familiar Faces - Robert Picardo (the EMH Doctor), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Ethan Philips (Neelix), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), and Tim Russ (Tuvok) have been confirmed to be returning to participate in the Delta Quadrant missions

12. Voyager Facelift - Voyager has received an overhaul with a new bridge and custom interior; captains flying the Intrepid Class Science Vessel and its variants will get access to this new look

13. Operations Pack - A Delta Operations pack is available for purchase for US$125, which includes 8 starships (3 Fed intelligence ships, 1 Fed cruiser, 2 KDF intelligence ships, 2 ROM intelligence ships), Neelix's costumes, 5 ship upgrade tokens, 3 VR intelligence boffs, 3 VR Delta Quadrant doffs, and 3 titles

That's it for now. Keep on Trekkin'.