Delta Rising Update

S'tarek posted Thu at 11:15
Some new information has come out in the past week or so on the new expansion. Here are some highlights:

1. Tier 6 Ship Details - The new ships will level with you captain and can be purchased at level 50. They will award passive bonuses as they become "mastered" over the course of 5 mastery levels in addition to gaining more ship stats (hull HP, shields, etc.). At the fifth level, they gain a new active starship trait which can be slotted in the new starship trait section of the trait screen. They also have an additional console (11 consoles total), an additional bridge officer power (e.g. a lieutenant commander instead of a lieutenant seat), and a specialist seat (more in #2). 

2. Specialist Bridge Officers - These are a new class of bridge officers which will only be able to be slotted on the new T6 ships. They have access to the normal bridge officer powers of their division as well as a new (and as of now, unreleased) set of bridge officer powers.

3. New Class(es) of Ships - There will be at least one and possibly more classes of ships launched with Delta Rising. These ship types will likely be hybrids or specializations of current classes like the current carriers and destroyers.

4. Tier 5 Upgrades - Most (but not all) existing Tier 5 ships will be able to be upgraded to what's being called T5-U. This new tier of starships gain the extra console and leveling benefits (e.g. stronger ship stats, passive starship traits, etc.) that T6 ships get. They however will not get active space traits or the specialist bridge officer seating or the additional bridge officer power that T6 ships get. Lockbox, lobi, event (e.g. Risa), and veteran reward starships will be upgradeable for free; all other ships in the list will require a TBD Zen cost most likely in the 500-1000 Zen range. The upgrade will be account wide for the ship you upgrade (so Gal-X dreadnought upgrade would work for all Gal-X's but not the Fleet Gal-X's). The devs have said that to remain competitive, the T5-U lobi/lockbox ships will have far superior ship stats (e.g. shield strength, hit points, etc.) when compared to T6 ships.

5. New Leveling System - You will still earn skill points from 50 to 60 but you will be unable to spend them in the current skill point system. Instead, they will track your leveling progress and every time you reach a new level you get a specialization token which you can spend in one of the new specialization trees. You will continue to earn tokens after reaching level cap (60) by earning skill points equivalent to what the next level would require. Expertise costs will be reduced to make up for the reduction in expertise (as right now you get the extraneous skill points you earn after 50 converted to expertise). Level 60 will be the Fleet Admiral (Fed and Rom) and Dahar Master (KDF) level for players.

That's it for now. The base code is live on Tribble, which has been closed to non-subscribers (subscribers include life time subs). Content will begin to trickle in over the next few weeks. Don't forget to pick up your free stuff this weekend and check out the new ship releasing later today.