Tomorrow (7/17/14), Season 9.5 is dropping in STO. This update features an overhaul of the crafting system and the Duty Officer UI. Also coming in 9.5 are new variants of the Odyssey and Bortasqu uniforms for fleets, while the basic versions (with new accessories) become the new basic uniform in STO (i.e. free and available to everyone). Dilithium prices for fleet and reputation items are being lowered (in most cases almost halved). As part of the crafting update, exploration, first contact, and diplomacy missions are being removed as is Memory Alpha. Many new assets are being added to the Foundry. All in all, this will be a major quality of life improvement patch to tide people over until expansion 2 (on the scale of Legacy of Romulus) drops later this year.

Also coming tomorrow are the new Xindi lockboxes. Inside you can get lobi, an Insectoid escort ship, new traits, a Xindi weapons platform console, and random weapon packs. The lobi you get can buy new Xindi items as well: an Aquatic carrier ship, Xindi boffs, Xindi uniforms, and cool new Xindi weapons.