Delta Rising Update 3

S'tarek posted Fri at 14:32

Here is the latest roundup of Delta Rising news:

1. Two New Queues - Bug Hunt, a normal/advanced/elite ground queued PvE event has been released on Tribble. You will have to complete one of the new missions (which you can do at level 57) to be able to unlock this queued event. The Battle of Korfez is an elite only space queued PvE event. It will require the best gear, the best ships, and a good team working together to complete the mission.

2. Gear Upgrades - Using the R&D system you will be able to upgrade almost all gear in the game both in terms of Mk level and rarity. The new top gear level is Mk XIV epic (gold). Crafters can make three rarities of research tech: green (level 5 in a school; can also be bought from space item vendors), blue (level 10 in a school), and purple (level 15 in a school). The higher the rarity, the more points it gives you from 2000ish points from a green to about 12000ish points from a purple. Research boosters can double (or with higher rarities, more than double) the amount you get from each tech. 

You need a certain amount of research to get an upgrade which depends on the rarity and Mk of an item. Mk XII VR items will normally require around 70,000 research to upgrade to Mk XIII and about 150,000 to upgrade to Mk XIV. Each of these Mk upgrades has a chance to upgrade the rarity. Every upgrade resets that chance. Once you reach Mk XIV, the chance to upgrade rarity stacks each upgrade until you reach 100%. In short, a mark upgrade is guaranteed until you top out; a rarity upgrade is not.

As research tech is craftable, it can be sold on the Exchange. It costs no dil to craft the research but it does cost dil to use the research (700 dil for a green, 1025 for a purple).

3. New T6 Ships - The non-intelligence T6 ships have been released. There is a Fed cruiser, a Fed sci ship, a KDF raptor, and a Rom battlecruiser.

4. Captain Specializations - The new captain specializations have been revealed. This is where you will spend the token you earn every time you level up (and every time you get the equivalent skill points for another level past 60). At launch there will be one primary specialization, Intelligence, and two secondary specializations, commando and pilot. After maxing all these out, further points will give you dil. The specialization trees include passives, triggered abilities, and active abilities.